Heiki "Tower Of Acid" (vinyl EP)

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Heiki "Tower Of Acid" (vinyl EP)
Heiki "Tower Of Acid" (vinyl EP)
Heiki "Tower Of Acid" (vinyl EP)
Heiki "Tower Of Acid" (vinyl EP)
Heiki "Tower Of Acid" (vinyl EP)

12" vinyl edition of Heiki (of Digital Poodle)'s latest solo LP - funky, imaginative acid tracks, that work equally well at home or on the dancefloor. This 12" is a 5-track sampler of the album, concentrating on the more dancefloor-friendly cuts from the LP.

Purchase will include an immediate digital download of all of the 9 tracks from the album, in mp3 format.

Note from Suction Records: we encouraged Heiki to press this on vinyl and offered to help with sales and distribution - this is a killer release and comes highly recommended!

YELLOW-VINYL-EDITION is limited to 100 copies, and is a SUCTION.SHOP direct-order exclusive.

Release is also available on CD and Cassette Tape:
CD: https://suction.shop/products/heiki-tower-of-acid-cd
TAPE: https://suction.shop/products/heiki-tower-of-acid-cassette

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TITLE: Tower Of Acid
LABEL/CAT: paper+sound / paplus63v

TOWER OF ACID is the latest release by Toronto electronic music scene veteran Heiki (Hey-Key)

Released on limited edition black and yellow vinyl editions, CD and yellow cassette. The vinyl edition features five tracks of the relentless industrial-strength, jacking acid house.  The Tower Of Acid album is Heiki’s fifth full-length album under his own name, following his Dub Museum album (2015) and the collaborative The North Shore record with ambient duo, dreamSTATE.

A radical departure in sound from Heiki’s previous albums, which mainly focused more on down tempo, ambient dub techno sounds, Tower Of Acid, as the title implies, is a far more up beat acid house record. Two interim e.p.s by Heiki were, Mega City Acid (2016) and Cracked Elbow (2018), which were both lead ups to the new album, experimenting with faster tempos and structures. The album relies on analogue synth sounds and acid house/new beat/industrial influenced rhythms. Most of the recordings were made in a single live off the floor pass. Later edits and overdubs of shortwave radio bursts, phased analogue synthesizer pads and vocoded voices were added to electronic wall of sound. Themes include abuses of power, fraud, failed populist charlatans and fake news, running rampant in this increasingly dystopian times.

Heiki (Hey-Key) Sillaste is a Toronto electronic music scene veteran. He has released a vast catalogue of music and has been involved with production duties on numerous electronic-music based albums. Heiki has also played in several music groups and ensembles, including the internationally renown industrial-techno group DIGITAL POODLE, electronic freak beat group KINDER ATOM, synth duos LES FONTAINES and HOZERZ, as well as collaborating with diverse artists such as reggae musician Michael Rose, experimental pioneers Zoviet:France / Rapoon and ambient duo dreamSTATE. His graphic design work has been seen on countless music releases, museum and gallery graphics as well as national advertising campaigns.

Heiki Sillaste also owns and operates the Toronto based paper+sound electronic music label.


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