D'Arcangelo "Somewhere In Time" (CD)

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D'Arcangelo "Somewhere In Time" (CD)
D'Arcangelo "Somewhere In Time" (CD)

Artist: D'Arcangelo
Title: Somewhere In Time
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction045
Format: CD

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Full-length CD compiling D'Arcangelo's 1996 Rephlex debut EP, together with unreleased archival '90s tracks. An even division of harsh, industrial electronix tracks, and warm, melodic electro/synthpop tracks. Tracks 2-7 taken from “D’Arcangelo” EP (1996 Rephlex / 2017 Suction  Records), Tracks 8-13 taken from “D’Arcangelo II” EP (our new “imaginary sequel” to the duo’s classic 1996 debut), 1+14 CD/digital exclusives, previously unreleased.

1.  Main Theme *
2. Somewhere In Time
3. Ro-hn
4. Scrakt
5. Diagram XI
6. Diagram VII
7. Diagram VII (80's mix)
8. Callying Sybil
9. AOM*2
10. Qabbalah
11. Diagram V
12. Diagram IX
13. Diagram XXII
14. Wane (Reprise) *

* CD exclusive, previously unreleased

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