Solvent "Solvent City" (CD)

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Solvent "Solvent City" (CD)
Solvent "Solvent City" (CD)

Artist: Solvent
Title: Solvent City
Label / CAT#: Morr Music / Morr-013CD
Format: CD

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Hello, and welcome to Solvent City. Starting from the top floor of the Suction records tower, we see honorary citizen Jason Amm smiling down upon the city that he has built. With some assistance from fellow luminaries Lowfish and Skanfrom, Solvent has constructed a warm and inviting cityscape, bathed in the radiating glow of vintage synthesizers bordering the city's perimeter. "Some Assembly Required" is the theme song, accompanying us along the highway to the city's industrial zone. Here we see a team of Canadian snowrobots working around the clock to the track's motorik pulse. These bouncy synth-pop melodies inspire great productivity in our robots. As we approach the downtown core, we hear "Solvent City" booming from cars, bars and beatboxes. It's a big hit with the city's youngsters, bumping Depeche Mode out of the #1 position in the pop charts. "A Panel of Experts" is a song for the suburbs. This is the lushest track in town, with dusty home-organ beats and a choir of heartbroken synthesizers. Our citizens are not simple robots; we grow introspective with age, and we have music to reflect this. Let's stop the train here and spend some time to learn about the people that make this city tick. After returning from a busy day at the City Centre Offices, our robots head over to the supermarket. Here we find Berlin immigrant Skanfrom offering a fine, remixed selection of "Frozen Food," seasoned with majestic melodies and otherworldly bleeps. Once at home, citizens will turn on their desktop tape players for a study session in synth-pop architecture. "Built-in Microphone," with its octave-hopping bass lines and perfectly formed microscopic melodies, is a compulsory course, along with Vince Clarke 101 and Moog-history. Solvent City is well-known for its stunning attention to detail, and the citizens make every effort to educate themselves in the fineries of classic robot-pop. Concluding our monorail tour, we'll wind down with the icy beauty of Lowfish's take on "A Panel of Experts." This remix picks lost vocal snippets out of the airwaves and places them in the frosty landscape of our city's night sky. Beyond Solvent City there's only barren land -- littered with clicks, cuts, and cold digital noise. Make sure you stay within the city limits. This train is headed downtown -- please put on your dancing shoes.

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