RX-101 "EP 3" (vinyl EP)

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RX-101 "EP 3" (vinyl EP)
RX-101 "EP 3" (vinyl EP)
RX-101 "EP 3" (vinyl EP)

Artist: RX-101
Title: EP 3
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction040
Format: 2x12" LP (also available on cassette)

YELLOW-VINYL-EDITION is limited to 250 copies, and is a SUCTION.SHOP direct-order exclusive.

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Suction Records is excited to unleash the 3rd vinyl EP in our series of archival releases by RX-101, aka Dutch producer Erik Jong, who recorded hundreds of AFX/Rephlex-inspired tracks from 1997 to 1999, which remained unreleased until now. Continuing with our Roland SH-101 themed artwork, RX-101’s “EP 3” (suction040) pairs the 101 with it’s acidic little brother, the infamous TB-303.

There’s been a lot of renewed interest and hype surrounding the revival of acid techno in recent years, but RX-101’s acid offerings are not the slow ’n slinky variety favoured by most of today’s acid revivalists…. Instead, “EP 3” contains 6 tracks of crunchy, blown out, high-octane rave acid… Long-time AFX/Rephlex fans will recognize the sound immediately - the 6 tracks found on “EP 3” are eerily reminiscent of those sought-after Rephlex classics, the Universal Indicator series of 12”s - released anonymously by Aphex Twin and his Kosmic Kommando on Rephlex from 1992-1995.

A1. Rx-algorythm 303
A2. 101 Acid Power
A3. Clinch
B1. Neuralgia
B2. Sys.rx.3.a06
B3. Oph 177-1

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