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RX-101 "EP 1-4" (cassette EPs x4)

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RX-101 "EP 1-4" (cassette EPs x4)
RX-101 "EP 1-4" (cassette EPs x4)
RX-101 "EP 1-4" (cassette EPs x4)
RX-101 "EP 1-4" (cassette EPs x4)
RX-101 "EP 1-4" (cassette EPs x4)


Artist: RX-101
Title: EP 1 / EP 2 / EP 3 / EP 4
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction032c/034c/040c/041c
Format: cassette EPs (x4)

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RX-101 "EP 1" (suction032c)
RX-101 "EP 2" (suction034c)
RX-101 "EP 3" (suction040c)
RX-101 "EP 3" (suction041c)

Cassette tape editions limited to 100 copies each

> EP 1:
A1. Tunnel
A2. sys.rx.9.a06
A3. Dead End
B1. Bloom (pt. 1)
B2. The Calmness Of Distortion
B3. If I Could Ever Get...
> EP 2:
A1. August '97
A2. Morning Glory
A3. Like Yesterday
B1. Gemini Launcher
B2. Bloom (pt. 2)
B3. 101 Reasons
> EP 3:
A1. Rx-algorythm 303
A2. 101 Acid Power
A3. Clinch
B1. Neuralgia
B2. Sys.rx.3.a06
B3. Oph 177-1
> EP 4:
A1. Themis
A2. M.A.S.S.
A3. Saiph
B1. Transmission
B2. Reflected Ray
B3. The Quest For Ganymede

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