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Morton Subotnick "The Wild Beasts - Landmark Recordings" (CD)

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Morton Subotnick "The Wild Beasts - Landmark Recordings" (CD)
Morton Subotnick "The Wild Beasts - Landmark Recordings" (CD)
2015 CD release by Morton Subotnick on the German label WERGO. These CD editions are difficult to find, especially in North America. CD is brand new / sealed.

Please note: This release is not available from us in digital download format, and the purchase of this CD does not include a digital audio download.

NOTE: proceeds from this purchase go towards funding Waveshaper Media's forthcoming documentary, "Subotnick: Portrait of an Electronic Pioneer" - currently in post-production.


WERGO Records has re-released a collection of landmark recordings by legendary electro-acoustic composer Morton Subotnick. “The Wild Beasts” (WER 73112) features two of his groundbreaking compositions for instruments and “ghost electronics”: After The Butterfly for trumpet, instrumental ensemble and electronic ghost score, and the eponymous The Wild Beasts for trombone, piano, and ghost electronics. The recordings were originally released as vinyl LP’s in 1980/1981 on the Nonesuch Records label.

After the Butterfly for trumpet, instrumental ensemble and electronic ghost score (1979)
After the Butterfly is a concerto-like work for trumpet and an ensemble of seven instruments composed in 1979. In this recording, Mario Guarneri is soloist with an ensemble conducted by Subotnick. The piece is among his earlier works that incorporate “ghost electronics”, technology that allows for real-time processing and manipulation of amplified acoustic instruments in live performance. Independent layers of sound material are subjected to these manipulations, creating complex sonic textures of varying intensities throughout the work.

The Wild Beasts for trombone, piano and ghost electronics (1978)
Written in 1978, The Wild Beasts was commissioned by trombonist Miles Anderson and premiered in Valencia, California with pianist Virko Baley that same year. Originally inspired by Les Fauves paintings, The Wild Beasts seeks to create “atmospheres” through gradually transforming sound palettes. The trombonist is required to perform several extended techniques, in addition to the manipulation of ghost electronics, creating an otherworldly sonic atmosphere that unfolds throughout the 27-minute work.

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