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Useless Idea "Glitch in the Colors" (vinyl 2LP)

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Useless Idea "Glitch in the Colors" (vinyl 2LP)
Useless Idea "Glitch in the Colors" (vinyl 2LP)
Useless Idea "Glitch in the Colors" (vinyl 2LP)
Useless Idea "Glitch in the Colors" (vinyl 2LP)
Useless Idea "Glitch in the Colors" (vinyl 2LP)
Useless Idea "Glitch in the Colors" (vinyl 2LP)
Useless Idea "Glitch in the Colors" (vinyl 2LP)

PINK-IN-CLEAR-VINYL edition is limited to 100 copies!

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Artist: Useless Idea
Title: Glitch in the Colors
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction057
Format: Vinyl 2x12”/Digital LP
Release date: November 11, 2022

Glitch in the Colors” is the debut full-length vinyl release by Useless Idea, aka Italian artist and producer, Cesare Bignotti. Useless Idea debuted on Suction Records in 2021, with a limited-to-300 12-inch sampler (alongside Bignotti’s alter-ego Seven Nights Alone), which named as their “EP of the Week” upon release, writing “Useless Idea’s widescreen array of hazy synthesized atmospheres, intricate samples and processed recordings … conjure thoughts of a fictional past in another dimension.”

With previous under-the-radar cassette album releases on WéMè Records (2018’s “Acid Hologram”) and EVES Music (2020’s “Xa Peh”), Useless Idea has been quietly recording his own brand of inventive, playful, and melodic IDM/braindance for more than 20 years. We’ve been slowly compiling Glitch in the Colors for several years now, and the result is a varied, yet cohesive, collection of instrumental electronic beat-scapes recorded over the span of 13 years, with influences ranging from the classic braindance sound of Aphex Twin and Cylob, to the hazy hip-hop electronica of Boards Of Canada, but with a depth of programming and sound design that is all his own. From the melancholy, orchestral hip hop of the title track, to the videogame symphonics of “Yster Know”, to the delicate piano-house reductionism of “Moon Dog”, the scope and variety found on Glitch in the Colors is a revelation.

2x12” vinyl LP is limited to 500 copies, and adorned with the artist’s own original artwork (Bignotti is an accomplished, and highly sought-after, visual artist). Comes with a Bandcamp download card.


A1. Remember This
A2. Glitch in the Colors
A3. My Mood
B1. Mello Tron
B2. Star Child
B3. Yster Know
C1. Tabac Ko
C2. Moon Dog
C3. Maat (version)
D1. Hyperpolis
D2. Bright
D3. Xa Peh 02


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