Lowfish "1000 Corrections Per Second" (CD)

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Lowfish "1000 Corrections Per Second" (CD)
Lowfish "1000 Corrections Per Second" (CD)

Artist: Lowfish
Title: 1000 Corrections Per Second
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction018
Format: CD

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"1000 Corrections Per Second" is the third full length release by Lowfish. Suction Records co-founder and full-time robot, Gregory de Rocher.  Lowfish is also well known for his recent "Accident Causer" EP on Detroit's Ersatz Audio label.  He strives to produce raw, precise, stripped down melodic electronic music with beats.  "1000 Corrections Per Second" is a concept inspired both by the possibility of extreme quantization and the amount of times Lowfish's mind changes during the creative process.

From the pure melodic synth pop of "Glass House" and "Fric Frac" to the punishing dance floor electro/EBM stomp of "Photo Disintegration" and "Around The Neck"; the intricate artificial intelligence of "Air of Supremacy" and "Black On White On Black" to the lush ambience of "50% Feeling" and "Step Step," "1000 Corrections Per Second" is a diverse yet cohesive serving of modern synthesizer music.  You will dance and you will cry.

Thirteen songs, three synthesizers, one drum machine, no vocals and no gimmicks — Lowfish delivers it pure!

1. Glass House
2. 1000 Corrections Per Second
3. 70% Feeling
4. Photo Disintegration
5. Colder
6. Deadlines And Errors
7. Front To Back
8. Fric Frac
9. Air Of Supremacy
10. Around The Neck
11. Black On White On Black
12. 50% Feeling
13. Step Step

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