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Nordvest "Grøndal" (vinyl LP)

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Nordvest "Grøndal" (vinyl LP)
Nordvest "Grøndal" (vinyl LP)
Nordvest "Grøndal" (vinyl LP)
Nordvest "Grøndal" (vinyl LP)
Nordvest "Grøndal" (vinyl LP)
Nordvest "Grøndal" (vinyl LP)

Artist: Nordvest
Title: Grøndal
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction051
Format: Vinyl LP / digital


This vinyl purchase comes with a digital audio download in mp3 format. For download-only purchase, please click here to purchase from Suction Records on Bandcamp, or visit your favourite audio download store (we're available on all major digital platforms).

DIGITAL BONUS - as a Suction Shop exclusive, the purchase of this vinyl LP includes not only the Grøndal LP in mp3 format, but also 3 additional complete digital albums by Nordvest, from which Grøndal was compiled: Rooftops & Chaotic Streets (suction051-digi1), Scribbles (suction051-digi2), and Sleepless (suction051-digi3), for a total of 25 digital tracks. PRE-ORDER will include 9 tracks for immediate download, with the remaining mp3s added on the July 3 release date.

EU/UK customers: this item is also available from our European shipping location in Poland for cheaper shipping / no duty fees.
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Suction Records welcomes Roger Semsroth back to the label - having previously released 2 full-length albums with us under his retired electro-pop alias, Skanfrom. “Grøndal” (suction051) is the debut vinyl release under a new alias, Nordvest. These days, Semsroth is best-known for his stark and minimalist techno project, Sleeparchive. The material on Grøndal - icy, melodic, and mostly beatless - is comprised of tracks that were originally released digitally as Sleeparchive, via Bandcamp. The releases were met with general disinterest from Sleeparchive fans, prompting Semsroth to re-brand them as Nordvest, before removing them from Bandcamp altogether.

We’ve chosen 11 highlights from 3 of those digital albums, “Rooftops & Chaotic Streets”, “Scribbles”, and “Sleepless”, for a cohesive 11-track LP of austere, synthetic ambience. Think Tangerine Dream as reinterpreted by Incunabula-era Autechre, and you might be getting somewhere close. While “Rooftops & Chaotic Streets Seven” recalls Sleeparchive, and “Sleepless Six” could very well be a lost Skanfrom track, the rest of the LP clearly warrants a new alias - Nordvest is a new side of Semsroth that we haven’t heard before.


A1. Rooftops & Chaotic Streets Five
A2. Scribbles Nine
A3. Rooftops & Chaotic Streets Seven
A4. Rooftops & Chaotic Streets Eight
A5. Rooftops & Chaotic Streets Four
B1. Sleepless Six
B2. Sleepless One
B3. Scribbles Two
B1. Sleepless Two
B5. Rooftops & Chaotic Streets Six
B6. Scribbles Seven


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