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GD Luxxe "Vendetta" (CD-EP)

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GD Luxxe "Vendetta" (CD-EP)
GD Luxxe "Vendetta" (CD-EP)

Artist: GD Luxxe
Title: Vendetta
Label / CAT#: Suction Records / suction015
Format: CD-EP (also available on vinyl EP)

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Suction Records is pleased to present "Vendetta," the new 5-track EP from GD Luxxe, aka Gerhard Potuznik from Vienna, Austria. Potuznik is a music machine and our fingers are not strong enough to type out his entire discography but let's mention a few highlights: co-owner of the Angelika Köhlermann label, producer for Chicks On Speed, and releases under a slew of different monikers for labels such as Disko B, Cheap, Mego and Sabotage.  GD Luxxe is Gerhard's flagship solo project and you may recognize his releases on Interdimentional Transmissions, Breakin' and Ersatz Audio.

"Vendetta" is vocal electro-pop music that would not sound at home on the International Deejay Gigolo label.  This is not techno music dressed in black leather and florescent pink gloves.  Vendetta's five songs are electronic pop music of the timeless variety.  Two of the songs, "Garden" and "Reasons" (the latter being Suction's pick for potential Top 10 single!) were initially written and recorded by Gerhard in the late 1980s, now reanimated and brought back to life in 2002 for Suction.  From the flower-adorned cover artwork, to the sequencer-fueled melancholy of the music, it comes as no surprise that Gerhard counts New Order's "Power, Corruption and Lies"  as an all-time favorite.  With "Vendetta," GD Luxxe takes the sound of classic-era New Order as a starting point and makes his own statement for 2002.  Honest, memorable and sincere, "Vendetta" is a perfect slice of electronic pop music for the home and for the dance floor.


1. Reasons
2. Words
3. Garden
4. Quiet Life (GDX Remix)
5. Metawelt

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